Communicative Language Teaching

E-SL101 believes and follows the communicative language approach in teaching. This approach is based on the idea that learning a language succeeds by having a real sense of communication. When learners engage in real communication, the natural strategies of their language acquisition will be used, which will enable them to learn to use the language.

Practicing problem forms by asking learners to find out personal information about their co-workers is an example of a communicative approach as it involves meaningful communication.

In the classroom.
Classroom activities are guided by a communicative approach, which is characterized by an attempt to generate meaningful and real communication at all levels. As a result, there may be more emphasis on skills than the system, the curriculum is more learner-centric, and real material may be used.

E-SL101相信并遵循教学中的交际语言方法。 这种方法是基于这样的想法,即通过具有真正的沟通意识来学习一种语言。 当学习者从事真正的沟通,他们的语言习得的自然策略将被使用,这将使他们学会使用的语言。


课堂活动是由一个交际的方法,其特点是试图产生有意义的和真实的沟通在各个层面的指导。 其结果是,可能有更多的重点放在技能比系统,课程是更多的学习者为中心,并可能使用真正的材料。

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